St Johns Wort Tea

St Johns wort Tea  is an herbal concoction that is being used to treat depression symptoms and boost the immune system for a healthy living. It is derived from the flower and leaves of St Johns wort plant also known as hypericum perforatum. It is wild growing plant but contains compounds that have medicinal value. If the petals of the yellow color flower are crushed by hand, a burgundy color liquid oozes out. This liquid contains bioflavonoid like rutin, isoquercetin and hyperoside.
Flavonoids are supposed to have medicinal properties that heal swollen veins and inflammation. St Johns wort tea is mostly famous as treatment for depression however; it has the potential to heal numerous other ailments. Besides bioflavonoid, major element that aids in depression treatment is Hypericin and Hyperiforin.
Usage of St Johns wort tea
St Johns wort tea that contains Hypericin extract aids in improving depression symptoms, reduces anxiety, relaxes the nerves and helps balance the sleep wake cycle.
The herbal tea also has a soothing effect on headaches, cramping during premenstrual syndrome and nervousness.
Studies suggest that fundamental extracts of St Johns wort when mixed with certain other herbs may help in the treatment of jaundice.
As the herb is a rich source of bioflavonoids that boost the immune power, it can be considered as treatment for anemia.
Certain analytical studies have found St Johns wort tea to be effective in improving chest congestion and spinal injuries.
St Johns wort tea medicinal concoctions
St Johns wort tea bags can be readily bought from the market. The tea’s basic portion may not be palatable for many. Hence, tea pouches that are naturally flavored with fruit extracts like lemon, pomegranate, apple etc can be bought. Several St Johns wort tea brands in market come with added health supplements like vitamin A, vitamin B2, aromatic aglycone and cardiac glycoside.
Different blends can be made as home remedy for treating various ailments like
Soothing cough issues: Make a blend of 1 ½ ounce of St Johns wort, 2 third ounce portion of thyme herb and two thirds ounce of linden flower. Boil a teaspoon of mixture to one-cup water, boil for ten minutes, strain and drink. It provides relief from cough and in many cases whooping cough as well.
Stress: Mixing 1 ounce of valerian, 1 ounce of lemon balm leaves and 1 ½ ounce of St Johns wort to one cup of boiling water will give you a concoction that assists in relaxing the nerves and facilitates good sleep.
Dosage St Johns wort tea
Hypericum extract tea can be had hot or cold. For ice tea, just boil the brew and refrigerate. Generally, the prescribed intake of Klamath weed tea is two to three times a day. Although, many people feel the difference from day one itself but this may be temporary, the tea needs to be taken regularly for one to three months for longing results.
There are few side effects associated with St Johns wort tea. However, dryness of mouth and fatigue type side effects may not develop as the medicine is in liquid form that serves to boost the immunity. Only photosensitivity (person might become more sensitive to sunlight and sunburn) could be a side effect, though it can be dealt with easily by applying sunscreen and saving oneself from extreme sun exposure.
Akin to any other form of St John wort, Although St Johns wort tea is a healthy alternative it may also have adverse reactions or interfere with drugs. If a patient is already on prior medication, particularly anti-coagulants, anti-convulsants, anti-depression medication as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, oral contraceptives, anti-organ rejection medication or HIV drugs, it is imperative to seek medical advice before self-medicating.